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What are the advantages of heat-compressed cannabis bars?

Heat compressing cannabis buds into bars, often referred to as making cannabis or hashish "bricks", has several advantages compared to using regular flower buds:

Storage and Portability: Compressed cannabis bars are much easier to store and transport. They take up less space and are less likely to be damaged or crumbled during handling.

Longevity: The process of heat compression can help to preserve the potency and flavor of the cannabis for a longer period of time. This is because it reduces the exposure of the cannabis to air, light, and moisture, which can degrade the cannabinoids and terpenes over time.

Efficiency: Compressed bars are often more potent than regular buds, as they contain a higher concentration of cannabinoids. This means you may need to use less of the product to achieve the desired effects, making it more cost-effective in the long run.

Consistency: Compressed cannabis bars can provide a more consistent product, as the compression process can mix together different buds, creating a more uniform concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Less Mess: Using compressed bars can be less messy than handling loose buds. There's less chance of small pieces breaking off and creating waste.

Updated on: 19/07/2023

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